What is The Best Air Conditioning Unit For a Bedroom ?

The best air conditioning unit for a bedroom is the GE 6,000 BTU window air conditioner.

Our experts at the Colin Testing Center have tested the GE 6,000 BTU window air conditioner and have decided to pick this unit because of these features:

  • This air conditioner is perfect for small rooms up to 250 square feet which is what we would expect a bedroom to be.
  • There is an energy saving mode that keeps track of the temperature then starts or shutdowns the unit depending on the temperature set.
  • There is also an installation kit included with it, something that you do not see with it’s competitors.
  • There’s also a remote included with it that allows you to control everything the fans has.

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Here are a few of the test results of this air conditioner :

  • Cooled the room in around 8 minutes in a Texas-style environment(dry).
  • Cooled the room in around 9 minutes in a California-style environment(humid).

General Electric fabricates a lot of products that are have been sold for years. They don’t produce anything of bad quality as we have seen numerous times during our reviews. GE down-sized pretty bad in the recent years but it is starting to come back strong with the help of investors.

Their air conditioning units including the GE 6,000 BTU window air conditioner have been tested multiple times by our experts and others such as USAToday, Wirecutter and Reviewed. This one always comes back as a trusted air conditioning unit.

We wouldn’t recommend anything that’s of bad quality here at Colin, our viewers are too important for us. GE is a trusted American brand that has expertise in the area. There’s no way we wouldn’t recommend one of their products.

If you think that we would think about recommending about a portable unit to our viewers, we would never. Portable units offer the least cooling capacity of all the home air conditioning appliances. While it still cools the room down, if the temperature gets too hot, most portable units cannot handle it.

There are still people that would like to have a portable unit because like the name says, it’s portable. So we’re gonna go ahead and consult our experts at the Colin Testing Center to know the answer to the following question :

What is The Best Portable Air Conditioning Unit For a Bedroom ?

The best portable air conditioning unit for a bedroom is the Black+Decker BPP10WTB.

Here’s a few reasons why the experts at the Colin Testing Center are recommending the Black+Decker BPP10WTB.

  • With 10,000 BTU of power, it will match the 6000 BTU window unit we recommended earlier.
  • During our tests, it was perfect for a room of 250 square feet but not 450 like advertised by Black+Decker.
  • There’s no installation required, it works right out of the box.

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Black+Decker is a brand that we love and adore here at Colin. Since it performed really well and compared to the window unit we listed earlier in the earlier, we recommend this one if you are someone looking for a portable unit instead of a window one.

Portable units offer you portability but they’re not really performant compared to a window unit. It’s your choice in the end but we’re only trying to help you understand that the cooling capacities of a portable unit aren’t that great, also they are priced higher.

We don’t want you to spend a lot of money for a portable unit while a window unit does the job. Maybe the windows at your house do not permit you to have a window unit so there’s always reasons that we understand.

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The GE 6,000 BTU is the best air conditioner unit for a bedroom. The Black+Decker BPP10WTB is the best portable air conditioner for a bedroom. We think that we answered both these questions truthfully using all the information that we retrieved from our product tester.

If you want to have the best price possible, use the links that we provided that link you to Amazon. Amazon will always offer you the best deal available on air conditioning units because they care about their customers. Also their return policy is always and will always be one of the best on the market.

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