What Is The Best Air Fryer For French Fries ?

The best air fryer for french fries is the COSORI Air Fryer Max XL, available on Amazon at the lowest price every day !

Thoroughly reviewed by thousands of customers and professional reviewers like us, the Max XL will bring to you raw performance and crispy fries every day.

We have tested more than 30 air fryers at the Colin Testing Center.

We have probably made more than 10 lbs of fries using air fryers from various brands, either frozen or not frozen.


The COSORI Air Fryer Max XL has allowed us to produce fries like the picture you can find on this article.

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We used the cookbook from COSORI in order to make those fries, we added an extra 2 minutes and they came out great.

What Is The Best Air Fryer For French Fries ?

Pretty much all the models from COSORI share the same 1700W motor.

It produces quality results compared to a brand like Philips and others. Each model will offer a feature over the next one, like WiFi or an higher capacity.

They are advertising the classic “quick heating” function you find on all the air fryers, it’s basically a convection fan.

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Talking of the capacity, it sits at 5.8QT which is pretty good. It will fit a whole chicken like they advertised but, we all know chickens can be large sometimes so it’s not a guarantee.

It’s the standard capacity for lovers and single people. It can still work pretty good for families if you are making kids some afternoon snacks.

You can always find another model from COSORI with a higher capacity, they have the same motor that produce quality fries.

Awards & Reputation

This air fryer has also won various awards such as one from Red Dot, a respected product rating company. COSORI is not a brand that’s known like Philips or Cuisinart but they make bomb air fryers.

Their reputation is literally unknown outside of the internet but they make great products in the air fryer department. It’s pretty rare to find it available in stores due to great demand for this air fryer.

Easy To Clean

You can put the parts that are used for cooking inside the dishwasher without any problems. It’s not a hard task to clean it with your hands either, you simply have to let the basket soak for a few minutes before getting the oil and other residues out.

Not all the brands that offer air fryers to you will offer you dishwasher safe baskets and others. You really gotta look at a lot of product’s information in order to find out if they offer it or not but this model offers it.

Other Features

They’re is plenty of other reasons why you should purchase this air fryer from COSORI too. There’s 13 different cooking functions, there’s one for fries but we found the best crispy fries to be using the normal heating for around 15 minutes.

The recipe cookbook provided with it is not that bad, they propose 100 recipes specially designed for the air fryer. We must say that we tried a few of them but we weren’t really impressed really, it looked like a bunch of recipes scraped on the internet.

COSORI is based out of California, anytime you have a problem with your products, you’re going to deal with a United States producer. They are going to handle your requests faster than a Chinese brand and it will be great to talk to an actual English speaking human.

You can reach their support team at all time via their website or using social media, COSORI is there to listen to your needs. They want you to be happy when using COSORI’s products, they’re gonna do everything in order to please you and put a smile on your face.

We’ve eaten tons of fries from this air fryer and we must say that we really love the other features that come with it as you can see. It’s a great brand that offers great products and supporting American brands is always better than purchasing an air fryer from a foreign brand. Let’s support our companies in these hard times we are facing as a society.


As you can see, the best air fryer for french fries is the COSORI Air Fryer Max XL, we have tested it and produced excellent fries that you can look on this article. This air fryer is also from an American brand that has a great support team that responds to your messages in less than 24 hours. This is pretty great, we love the COSORI Max XL because it performed really well during our tests inside the Colin Testing Center.

It’s always available to you for a cheap on Amazon because they offer great discounts every day on a lot of products. If you want great fries, you’re also gonna want the greatest deal possible so you should purchase it on Amazon.

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