Whynter ICM-220SSY Ice Cream & Yogurt Maker Review

What is that one thing we all want in summers?

Rightly guessed, it is ICE-CREAM! Moreover, what better than getting it while staying within the comfort of your home?

We are not talking about getting it delivered from shops; we are talking about making it at home.

And that too within a matter of minutes! Imagine getting a bowl of freshly served ice cream that is not only healthy but prepared safely too.

Furthermore, within these COVID times, we need to check what is safe and what is not.

An ice cream maker is a gadget that produces tiny amounts of ice cream for individual consumption.

Ice cream makers can create the product by manually cranking it or using an automatic transmission.

The Whynter ICM-220SSY has been tested by our whole office; we liked the ice cream produced and would recommend it. Our experts wrote their review down below for you to check out.

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Whynter ICM-220SSY Review

Today we will be reviewing one of the most compact, practical and innovative ice cream makers that you can use in your daily lives. It is none other than the Whynter ICM-220SSY Stainless Steel Ice Cream Maker.

We understand how difficult it can be to choose gadgets, especially when they cost a few hundred dollars. This is why we have jotted down as much information as we could to help you make an informed decision regarding whether or not you should buy it.

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Compared to other frozen yogurt companies, it stands out for its spectacular spaciousness and delicious frozen yogurts? We adore everything about it, from the tempered steel tell packing that ensures it will stand the test of time to the pleasant experience it provides. We should consider the specific features of this frozen yogurt machine and the advantages it provides.

Whynter ICM-220SSY Stainless Steel Ice Cream Maker 2 Quart Capacity Bowl & Yogurt FunctionPros of the Whynter ICM-220SSY

  • Its full-size machine creates up to two quarts of your preferred delicious snack or yogurt type in a single batch, leaving it excellent for gatherings.
  • This frozen yogurt-making machine offers superior capabilities and features that aren’t available in low-cost equipment.
  • The built-in blower cooler ensures adaptability without the obligation to chill the tempered steel pounding bowl first.
  • The Whynter Ice-cream Maker 220SSY offers an all-around chilling feature that protects the frozen yogurt mixture from melting and a Motor Protection feature that prevents the device from rotating to avoid excessive heat or electrical problems as the cream hardens.
  • Any kitchen counter will benefit from the tempered steel body, including the sensitive touchscreen LCD control panel. This will transform into your new best friend in a blink of an eye.
  • This gadget comes with a mechanical clock and a frozen yogurt scooping. It will even mail you several tasty suggestions if you request them.

Cons of the Whynter ICM-220SSY

  • Making yogurt allows you to use your favourite ingredients, such as conventional, organic, or non-dairy milk. It is ideal for people with food concerns or who want a safer alternative to excellently prepared yogurt. However, it might be more challenging for some people.
  • You will not have to wait days or take up freezer space before producing your favourite frozen dessert, and you will not have to be concerned about the ingredients. Nevertheless, you must read the manual in order to use it before.
  • The trustworthy programmed sound clock is yet another outstanding feature but can also be annoying for some; we disabled it.
  • It is best to keep this device in a well-ventilated environment with temperatures between 16 and 32 degrees Celsius, or it will have problems. If the blend solidifies, the engine protection component guarantees that it shuts down to prevent injury.

Operating Mechanism

The Whynter is straightforward to utilize: add the frozen yogurt blend into the canister, close the top, and press the “power” button. An LCD board shows up, with the options of Ice Cream, Chilling, and Mixing Only for add-ins once the frozen yogurt has part of the way cemented.

The electronic commencement begins at 60 min and can be expanded or diminished from that point.At the point when the clock arrives at nothing, the Whynter’s all-encompassing chilling element enacts, and the gadget keeps up with the frozen yogurt cold for thirty min.

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Cleaning Mechanism

The detachable canister and dasher are easy to clean, and the machine’s tempered steel washes neatly. The Whynter is one of the biggest of our guinea pigs, tipping the scales at more than 25 lbs., showing that it is most clearly a tabletop apparatus.

It genuinely is quite possibly the most effective sans CFC blowers accessible available! You ought to have this phenomenal gear to assist you with the frozen yogurt-producing method. It is adaptable and has a refreshed rendition of creating the best deserts for you this late spring.

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The ICM-220SSY accompanies a one-year guarantee. The formed frozen yogurt creator has premium highlights that modest frozen yogurt producers do not have. A vigorous blower chiller coordinated into the blender empowers constant use without the problem of expecting to pre-freeze the blending bowl.

Not exclusively is it impressively more straightforward? However, it likewise tastes much better. The Whynter ICM-220SSY has an Extended Cooling mode that holds the blend back from softening and a Motor Protection work that hinders the engine from spinning to disperse warmth or engine harm when the combination sets. This set likewise contains an electric clock, a frozen yogurt spoon, and essential formula guidance.

You can make brilliant frozen yogurt, rich consistency gelato, and sorbet all in the solace of home. This huge limit gadget makes up to two quarts of your number one frozen sweet in a solitary cluster, making it ideal for parties.


The Whynter ICM-220SSY hardened steel body and delicate touch LCD control screen will supplement any kitchen table. This will turn into your new closest friend exceptionally quickly. You will never need to stand by quite a while or occupy a freezing room to make your #1 frozen treat again.

With 24.2 pounds, this machine has all the earmarks of being taller than other frozen yogurt creator machines, yet is still space-saving when put in your kitchen. After the frozen yogurt has been beaten for the predefined time, they all go into an automatic chilling mode for 10-minute additions.

They all incorporate a well-being highlight those winds down the engine because of an over-burden, which happens when the machine cannot get through the combination since it freezes excessively hard while beating.

The Cooling mode is valuable on the off chance that you need to cool the bowl before pouring in your blend, which may decrease full contact time and result in a creamier outcome. You could likewise place the bowl in the cooler for 5-10 min to acquire this component.

These machines produce great frozen yogurt and gelato. Since they turn at various Speeds, you will not ever bring air into the cream, as is cultivated with financially made frozen yogurt. Regardless, thicker frozen yogurt and sorbet are the extravagance items we need at home.

Our Verdict

At last, you can say that it can help you make a few sorts of frozen yogurt in a dish. It is likewise one of the most straightforward ice makers to utilize and claim. The whole design is ensured by a plastic liner that is extremely simple to wash.

It is planned in a fundamental way that permits the engines to secure, delivering it helpful. The Whynter ICM-200LS Stainless Steel Ice Cream Maker is sans BPA and is outfitted with a component ramble for adding fixings.

Whynter ICM-220SSY
  • Ice Cream Performance
  • Ice Cream Quality
  • Frozen Yogurt Performance
  • Frozen Yogurt Quality
  • Cleaning Process
  • Extra Features
  • Design


Our experts would recommend the Whynter ICM-220SSY ice cream maker to our viewers here at Colinreviews.com With a 2 quart capacity bowl¬† and a yogurt function, you’re gonna be fulfilled with the extra features. The stainless steel design will then adapt itself to your decor and then the ICM-220SSY will be the perfect ice cream maker for your home.

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