Willz 6-Slice Large Air Fryer Review

Air fryers make it easy to heat up frozen foods right away.

The final results are much tastier and healthier than conventional deep frying.

You will not find your kitchen dirty after using an air fryer, and it won’t heat your kitchen.

Air fryers are in demand due to their numerous benefits.

They promote weight loss, and they are less likely to cause obesity.

The Willz 6-Slice large air fryer has all the features that make it a desirable air fryer.

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Our Review

Air fryers do not contain acrylamide formation. Therefore, they reduce the risk of consuming toxins. This product is worth purchasing if you are looking for an easy and healthy method of cooking.

Willz 6-Slice Large Air FryerDesign

This air fryer is designed with the utmost attention. It has powerful high-speed fans that circulate hot air. This helps cook food faster than would otherwise demand plenty of time. As a result, you will not have to invest a lot of time into cooking, and you won’t get bored.

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The Willz large air fryer weighs 13.5 pounds, and its dimensions are 15.9 x 14.8 x 13.7 inches. It is comparatively bigger than a toaster and will take up more space on your kitchen counter.

But it is not too heavy to carry. You can adjust this air fryer anywhere in your kitchen, and its stainless steel will complement the kitchen interior. All you have to care about is a switch nearby.

This air fryer is large and spacious. It can fit up to 12-inch pizza, a 2.8 Lb chicken, or six slices of toast. That is big. You will never run out of time while using this air fryer.

Does not matter if you have guests over or you are preparing a meal for your family. Willz Large Air Fryer will help you get done with your job in no time.

So, you can sip on your tea and watch your favorite drama while your food is inside the Willz air fryer. It will notify you as soon as your food is ready. This air fryer has convenient cooking features to give you a pleasant cooking experience.

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The Willz air fryer is infused with air fry technology with true convection. It cooks your food with little or no oil. In addition, the air fryer does not compromise over the food crisp. You will have crispy food on your table using this air fryer. But, the air fryer won’t burn your food or leave it undercooked. So, no more family complaints. You are the chef using The Willz Large Air Fryer.

The Willz 6-slice large air fryer has adjustable time and temperature. You can adjust the temperature between 150-450 degrees Fahrenheit. This wide range of temperatures allows you to cook and bake any recipe you want. You won’t be bound to cook few recipes supported by this air fryer. This air fryer has a 60-minute timer. It will ring whenever your set time is complete.

The Willz 6-slice large air fryer has six preset functions. These functions include toasting, cooking, boiling, baking, reheating, and dehydrating. All your problems will be solved after purchasing this product. You will not have to spend money on different toasters and ovens.

This air fryer has a reheat option. If you change settings to reheat, Willz air fryer will warm up your food without burning it. So, you don’t have to eat cold food anymore. Just change the settings, and your food will taste oven hot.


Another quality of the Willz Large Air Fryer is that it is easy to clean. It does not require a customized soap. Instead, you can use your regular dish wish to clean its glass door, non-stick surfaces, and removable crumb tray. In addition, this air fryer comes with a couple of accessories that you can use while cooking different dishes. These accessories include a roasting/baking tray, air fry rack, and an oven rack.

Our Verdict

You might hold yourself back from purchasing this product due to its price. However, this product is all-in-one. You will not have to invest in different electronic appliances if you get The Willz Air Fryer.

This air fryer is one of the best-selling products of Willz, and it is available in stock on many online retailers. Get your hands on this Air Fryer to cook delicious meals. You will get surprised after using The Willz Air Fryer for the first time.


Our experts inside the Colin Testing Center have put the 6-slice air fryer from Willz through various tests. The air fryer performed really well overall, making itself a place amongst the best air fryers on the market. There’s multiple things that we have cooked using the recipe book of this air fryer.

Willz is a brand that you can trust on the market even if you don’t know about it yet. There’s multiples reasons why and we have highlighted them inside this article. If you have any more questions don’t hesitate to leave a comment below this article and our experts will try to help you.

Willz 6-Slice Large Air Fryer
  • Performance
  • Extra Features
  • Cooking Quality
  • Cooking Time
  • Cooking Precision
  • Cleaning Process


The Willz 6-Slice Large Air Fryer is a new product on the market but it performed really well during our company’s tests. We would without a doubt recommend this air fryer to our viewers here at ColinReviews.com. We’re proud of having a few more products from Willz to review and hope their product keep responding really well to our tests.

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