Willz WLCMV807BE-07 Microwave Review

Microwaves are a life-saver when you are hungry at 3 am but too tired to cook. It will help you heat your leftover food without creating a mess or waking your mom up.

Microwaves are easy to use, and you have direct control over the cooking time. So, you can control if you want your food oven hot or mild-warm.

Microwaves don’t retain heat, and they won’t heat your kitchen. Because you have control over the cooking time, you can control the power consumed by a microwave.

The Willz Microwave, with its blue color, gives a unique look to the kitchen interior. It looks trendy. This microwave set in one of the kitchen corners will give a stylish look to your kitchen.

See why our experts would recommend this microwave after putting it through various tests and cooking many lunches inside our office.

This review also concerns the following model numbers : WLCMV807GN-07, WLCMV807RD-07, WLCMV207S2-07,WLCMD207WE-07. These are the same model but in a different color.

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Our Review

This microwave offers six one-touch start cooking methods. These options include popcorn, frozen dinner, potato, pizza, beverage, and reheat. You will not have to determine the amount of time your popcorn will take to pop up. The Willz microwave will do it for you.

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All you have to do is click one of the options. The microwave will automatically start rolling using its standard time meant for that particular option.

Therefore, it is convenient to use and extremely economical. In addition, a microwave won’t burn your food. Therefore, it is a healthier and faster way to heat food compared to using conventional ovens.


You can set time according to your liking if you wish to cook/ heat differently. There is an option to start/stop. You can stop the microwave midway if you wish to check your food or take it out of the oven. The Willz microwave has a time/weight defrost. This function allows you to either defrost by time or weight.

This function helps when you plan to defrost an item too heavy or too light. The microwave’s standard defrost time might not be enough to defrost the item fully. Or the microwave might overdo the defrosting. Therefore, this function sends a signal to the microwave regarding the appropriate cooking time.

You don’t have to worry if you have your children running around the house. The Willz microwave has a child safety lock. This lock prevents microwave operation by children to keep them safe from possible hazards.

The Willz Microwave has eleven different power variables. These power variables allow you to adjust the power from 0% to 100%. You can choose the power variable according to how cold your food is. Pro tip: go for low power levels to save power.

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This microwave comes with a 9.7-inch glass turntable. The turntable aids in cooking fast. It is also removable, so you can easily clean the insides of your microwave. This microwave is dish wash safe. You need to spray a mixture of mild soap with water and wipe it off with a piece of foam. Remember not to use a lot of water to clean your microwave.

The Willz microwave weighs 21.8 pounds, and its dimensions are 17.6 x 12.9 9.6 inches. The microwave is spacious so that you can place a good serving size inside the microwave. In addition, its cord is forty inches long. This makes the placement of the Willz microwave easy.

The microwave has a push-button door. You can easily open the microwave door by simply pushing the button. The Willz microwave has an interior light and LED lighting. This feature gives a better vision of food to the user of the microwave. You will not have to repeatedly open the microwave door to check if your food is ready.

The microwave is made of glass which gives it a fresh and clean look. However, this means your microwave is fragile, and it can break if not used carefully. The Willz microwave comes with a one-year warranty. In addition, you can return the microwave within thirty days of purchase. However, it must be in the same condition.

Our Verdict

Customer reviews show that those who have purchased this microwave are quite satisfied with its results. You should get your hands on this microwave if you are looking for a fashionable, spacious, and safe microwave. You won’t feel the need to light up your stove for the sake of heating. Buy this microwave and enjoy healthy snacking!

We would recommend this microwave from Willz to our viewers because they are a great company with quality products. Willz will surprise you by their modern designs and other extra features that come with their microwaves.


After receiving the test results from our experts inside the Colin Testing Center, we would without a doubt recommend this microwave from Willz. These are a few pros that we have noted such as the great performing motor of this microwave and the extra features.

All included with your microwave is all the equipment you need to change your kitchen’s needs. You want to have a quality microwave inside your home and that’s what Willz offers to you. There’s nothing better than purchasing a microwave that works really great.

Willz WLCMV807BE-07 Microwave
  • Cooking Time
  • Cooking Precision
  • Cooking Quality
  • Cleaning Process
  • Extra Features


Our experts have given us the green light in order to recommend this microwave from Willz, a new brand on the market. While it is a new brand, they make fantastic products across the board and they provide you with a quality product every time.

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