Zatarains 80 QT Crawfish Cooker Kit Review

Everyone who has been to a seafood gathering understands the importance of a crawfish boiler.

You can use a crawfish boiler for cooking turkey, frying potatoes, and boiling corns.

A crawfish boiler is considered the best for cooking lobster.

In addition, there is no better product than a crawfish boiler to boil a crawfish easily.

This product will give you a life-changing experience.

The Zatarains 80 QT crawfish cooker is recommended by our experts after they have cooked over 100kg of crawfish with it.

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Our Review

Crawfish is one of the most loved and readily available foods around. It is becoming extremely popular, mainly in the states of Louisiana. However, this doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy crawfish in a different state. On the contrary, this piece of seafood is immensely delicious and healthy. So, you should give it a try.

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To be able to enjoy crawfish, you need to have a crawfish boiler. No amount of cooking equipment is enough for your kitchen. There is always room for more. Therefore, the crawfish boiler should be on your purchase list.

Zatarain has made it easy for you to cook your crawfish. Follow the recipe, and you will have the most tasteful crawfish on your table. The Zatarains 80 Crawfish cooker comes with everything you need to have for an easy and smooth outdoor cooking experience.

Zatarains 80 QT Crawfish Cooker KitDesign

The crawfish cooker is made of steel, aluminum, and cast iron. These raw materials speak for the cooker kit’s quality. The crawfish cooker is strong and can handle up to forty pounds of crawfish.

One crawfish cooker is enough to feed a large crowd. You can easily host large gatherings if you have this cooker. In addition, it will help you cook in bulk in less time.

If you are still skeptical regarding the quality of the burner stand, the stand is CSA design certified. This means the stand’s design and quality couldn’t get better. The crawfish cooker’s BTU is no joke to anyone.

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Cooking kit

The Zatarain crawfish cooker comes with a burner stand, aluminum pot, and regulator hose. The regulator hose is necessary to get the burner started. The burner stand is four-legged and made of steel.

Steel gives strength to the burner stand and ensures that it will fully support the cooker’s weight. In addition, the stand is made of steel for its longevity. Zatarain’s doesn’t want you to go through the hassle of purchasing the burner stand every other month.

The Zatarains 80 QT Crawfish Cooker Kit is portable. You can carry this cooker everywhere you go. With the addition of the crawfish cooker, your family trips won’t be boring and tasteless. The Zatarain cooker gets the job done whenever you are stuck with your seafood food cravings.

Great Performance

The burner has a 90,000 BTU. This level of energy brings the pot to a boil in not more than thirty minutes. In addition, this cooker kit has an adjustable ten PSI regulator. This regulator maintains proper temperature control to ensure timely cooking.

The Zatarain crawfish boiler has a flat and even surface. This ensures that the pot sits upright and is stable enough not to slide off the base. In addition, the Zatarain crawfish cooker has handles that you can use to carry the boiler around. However, one of its downsides is that the handles are not covered with a layer of rubber. This will make it hard for you to handle the boiler when it is hot.

The Zatarain crawfish boiler is large enough to boil different seafood ranging from prawns to shrimps, king crabs, and mussels clams. This boiler has a height of 34.65 inches and a width of 20.47 inches. In addition, its cooking surface area is twenty square inches. The boiler’s ideal size will allow you to cook plenty of food and make its transport easy.

Our Verdict

To say this crawfish boiler is perfect for cooking crawfish, lobsters, and prawns is an understatement. This boiler is meant for you if you are a sweet seafood lover. Buy this product now and say goodbye to boring and unhealthy food.

Before cleaning, you should make sure that the boiler is disconnected from the propane tank. In addition, please ensure that all components of the kit are dry before storing them. To fully operate this boiler, you will have to purchase a pair of screwdrivers and a socket wrench. They are not included in the boiler kit. Upon purchase, this crawfish boiler comes with a limited one-year warranty.


Our experts that have tested the Zatarains 80 QT crawfish cooking kit would recommend it after cooking over 100kg of crawfish with it. With a little salt, butter and garlic with the water, the crawfish will taste fantastic for your gatherings.

We would without a doubt recommend this crawfish cooker after extensive testing inside the Coling Testing Center. One of the best in the business of product testing and we’re proud of having it for our company.

Zatarains 80 QT Crawfish Cooker Kit
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After giving us their review of the Zatarains 80 QT Crawfish Cooker Kit, our experts would without a doubt recommend this crawfish cooking kit. Your gatherings are going to be on a whole new level using this kit from Zatarins.

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